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Dear ###USER_username###,

2012 is here and I hope you started well into the new year! I would like to share some important news with you about current developments within the International Pilot Network.

Donations in 2011

Our members have donated a total of 147 Euros over the last year by uploading their Pilot CVs. A big Thank You to all donors! I have rounded it up to 160 Euros and donated it to The founder of this charity has saved around 20 Mio. people in the 90's through his work. More details can be found on our About - Donations page.

2012 - Building the Network for Professional Pilots

Some of you might have noticed the change: To view pilot jobs and other career resources, an account upgrade for 19€ / Year is required. Visit our Account Upgrade Information page to learn more. Behind this rather radical move stands the objective to raise more funds for the development of our network. With the revenue I would like to support open-source programmers which develop social network capabilities (like facebook) for the software system I use. It will be a great tool for job networking and I plan to launch it during the 1st half of 2012. So stay tuned!

New Pilot's Document Library

Pilot Document LibraryI redesigned the Pilot's Document Library after a security problem has been detected in the old system. The new library is more compact and stable and is f ree to use. I have added new interesting documents: CAA China ATP Book and Test Questionnaire. Check it out if you plan to relocate and fly in China. In Europe, EASA FCL will come into effect in April this year. Download the document from the library and keep it as a reference as it will affect all European pilot license holders.

Try us if you are tired of outdated and repeatedly published job ads

Image ATPL Powerpoint PresentationsYou know it. Searching the internet for pilot jobs is often a pain. Job ads are outdated and by the time they appear on the job boards, the hiring window is closing. Also quite annoying are all the Agency Jobs that are published again and again, making it difficult to locate job ads originating directly from airlines and bizjet operators. The IPN job board tries to be different. Job ads are handpicked and checked for accuracy as far as this possible. Interested? Login, upgrade your account and give it a try!

Happy New Year and safe flying,

Stefan Kaufmann
Pilot & Founder
International Pilot Network

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