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ATPL Question Bank is online

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Picture ATPL Question BankGood news for student pilots: The International Pilot Network (IPN) now hosts an ATPL Question Bank with thousands of questions to prepare for the exams. And we have added a login-dashboard, so you know what content has been updated on the site after login. From there, quick-launch buttons take you to your favorite page. Additionally you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with us! Read on for more interesting news about the site and plans for the future.

Study for your CPL / IR / ATPL exams (EASA) with our ATPL Question Bank

Our ATPL Question Bank offers you a convenient and efficient way to study for your CPL/IR and ATPL exams. For the time being, the use of the question bank is free. There are nearly 6000 questions online. You have the choice between studying all questions without time limit or taking practice exams with a time limit. To check out how it works, login or visit the ATPL Question Bank entry page. If you seek additional help on a particular topic, post your question to our forum. Qualified instructors and pilots are available to help you.

...or study from the ground up!

Image ATPL Powerpoint PresentationsA big thank you to Manuel R, one of our members, who provided us with ex celle nt Powerpoint Presentations which you can use to study fo r your ATPL classe s. Presentations are viewable online and can even be used in the classroom!


The Air France accident and what we can learn from it

Have you ever practiced how to recover from a stall at high altitude? And what if this happens in conjunction with unreliable cockpit indications? Is this subject adequately addressed in your Flight or Company Manuals? Although the final report is yet to be published, we know that changes must be made to how we address this subject in flight training. Learn what Airbus has to say by viewing the 'Update on Stall Procedures'.

Welcome to Giovanni88, member 2931 

Picture Pilot JobsWe are nearing the 3000 members mark in a couple of days! Like Giovanni88, many more users have joined out network. Welcome aboard! From our statistics we see, that our Pilot Job Board is still by far the most visited page. We will continue to post interesting pilot jobs regularly. Don't miss any new posting and sign-up for New Pilot Jobs from via e-mail!

Outlook and upcoming projects

We have plans to introduce a Question Bank to allow preparation for the FAA Instrument Test and our Document Library and Pilot Training Video section will continue to grow as we add new files. On top of that we plan to introduce more community and networking features helping you to manage contacts and friends in your professional environment. More about it in our next newsletter. Stay safe and always happy landings.

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