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Our website has never been busier before! Since our pilot job board has been improved and filled with more job ads, traffic has doubled. This is good news for me as webmaster. But it also means that many pilots are still unemployed and on job search.

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To make it easier to stay up-to-date with new pilot job openings, it is now possible to subscribe to the pilot job listing by e-mail. This way all newly added jobs are delivered straight to your e-mail inbox! To subscribe to automatic job updates visit our pilot job board and click on the link on the top of the page Subscribe to New Pilot Jobs by E-mail.

New pilot jobs can also be accessed via our RSS feed

IPN shows ads! I thought it is a non-commercial venue...?

I've tried very hard over the last few years to keep the website clean from any banners and the like. Last year increasing traffic made it necessary to relocate to faster server. The improved performance did not come for free and costs started to rise.
Ads help me to keep the costs at an affordable level. Please note that donations are still forwarded to a charity and are not used to pay-off any server costs.

What's next?

The regular update of the job board has a high priority. If time allows, I would like to populate the library section with more documents, movies and other useful stuff for professional pilots. Another project is to create a 'dashboard' where users are informed of any updates on the site after login. Now all I need is time to do it! :)

I wish you happy landings and enough time to enjoy the bright side of life. 

Kind regards,

International Pilot Network


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