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The Complete Airline Pilot Interview Course DVD – A Review

Reviewed by fliteadmin, 02 Mar 2011

In most cases it is essential to prepare well for a job interview. Preparation can be done by doing your own research or by using a commercial product. Commercial products can include telephone interviews, books, DVDs or web-based training solutions. I had the opportunity to test “The Complete Airline Pilot Interview Course”, a commercial product offered by the company Flightdeck Consulting (flightdeckconsulting.com).

The DVD contains eight virtual interviews which let you practice an interview in front of your computer or TV. The interviewers ask typical interview questions and the picture is paused after each question to allow you to fully answer each question. To continue with the next question simply use use your remote control. The interviewers play their role very well and it feels like you are really sitting in front of their desk. I've found that practicing this way is much closer to reality than it would be if you just answer random questions to yourself. Practicing together with a friend, where one plays the role of the interviewer, could be an alternative. But I am not sure though if he/she would be as professional as the interviewers on the DVD. Besides the DVD you are given online access to a 43 page strong 'Airline Pilot Work Booklet'. Working through this booklet is an excellent preparation for practicing the interviews. It contains many useful hints and tips on how to answer tricky pilot interview questions. The package also contains an example of a group exercise as well as information that help you to prepare for the simulator checkride and psychometric testing. Information about the checkride is kept in a generic format so as to fit as many cases as possible. In most cases the information should be sufficient for preparation, although it might be recommended to do a little more research about the detail for a given company. Practicing for the interview part is crucial for the successful outcome of an assessment. The DVD and Work Booklet helps you not only to avoid mistakes during the interview but also lets you practice as much as you like. If you want to prepare well and efficiently, the 'Complete Airline Pilot Interview Course' is there to help you to reach this goal. It allows you to stay focused on what is essential for an assessment and you can avoid lengthy researches elsewhere. It is suitable for both pilots with no and little assessment experience but also for experienced pilots who would like to refresh and deepen their pilot interview techniques. The course material including DVD costs 79$. To learn more about the product and to visit the company website, browse to: www.flightdeckconsulting.com/products/

Ace the Technical Pilot Interview by Gary Bristow

ISBN-13: 9780071433990

Reviewed by IThinkThereforeIFly, 17 July 2010.

I have used this book extensively both during my commercial license and instrument rating tests preparation and when training for subsequent interviews with airlines. I find it an invaluable study and revision tool for both low-timers and in my discussions with more experienced pilots. The content is organised by topic (Weather, Engines, etc) and then logical sequence (e.g. general weather issues such as "What is wind?" to more specifically "What happens when a warm front passes?"). The answers are concise, wholesome and clear, without a need for quotes from original ICAO documents or textbooks. I have seen more than one question pop up in the exact same wording during both written and oral interviews. There is also a handy index at the back. This way, the book can be used as both a random question generator and a sequential "brush-up" tool. The only drawback I found was the lack of a "Further reading" section, especially with individual questions. This book packed my paper stack of theory modules in a hand-luggage item and I do not leave for a test without it!

346 pages, Soft-Cover, Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional, USD 20 resp. EUR 23.00





PilotsReference Guide by Michael Grossrubatscher

ISBN 3-00-016686-6

Reviewed by fliteadmin, 24 October 2007


The publisher Michael Grossrubatscher is a graduated engineer and airline pilot. His book is mainly aimed at the professional pilot but the content serves basically any aviation enthusiast who wants to know 'how it works'.
The book comes in a handy A5 format and should fit easily into a crewbag or laptop case. If you are preparing for an upcoming interview, the book will help you to refresh your knowledge on Aerodynamics, Engines, Performance, Design, Navigation, Weather and Human Performance. Besides its also a great source for any pilot to keep up is knowledge on the above mentioned topics. The text is illustrated with many graphics, helping you to understand and memorize what you read more easily. Looking up a specific topic is simple. A keyword index will take you straight to the page you are looking for. Topics are well covered and avoid going into too much details unrelevant to the pilot. The presented material is all you need too know at an interview or if asked by a check pilot.

I personally found the information on performance, weather and aerodynamics very helpful as they are explained thoroughly but in an easy-to-understand way. The book is so far the best I have seen if you want to refresh your ATPL knowledge, whether it is just for yourself or because you prepare for an interview respectively check. It can be ordered online at PilotsReference.com for the price of €69.

The pocket sized book Version 2.4 contains: 258 Pages, 526 Colored graphics, graphs and pics, 118 Text pages (English), 118 Formulas, 67 Tables, keyword index

Aviation Meteorology

ISBN 3-9522668-2-5

Reviewed by fliteadmin, 29 December 2007

Aviation Meteorology has been written by K.H. Hack, Meteorologist. He has been head of the Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology (MeteoSwiss) for 15 years.

The book covers all aspects of aviation meteorology and is an excellent companion for CPL/ATPL students. The easy to read  layout and the well designed graphics are a pleasure for the eye and make you to read on and on...
Color photos of weather phenomenon help you to visualize the content.

Because of its well structured layout, you will remember the book also at later stages in your career. So don't stow it away to far...! It also serves as an excellent resource in case you need to prepare forr a technical interview.

Topics covered are: The Atmosphere, Wind, Thermodynamics, Clouds and Fog, Precipitation, Thunderstorms, Air masses and fronts, Pressure systems, Climatology, Weather hazards, General Information, Miscellanious, Questions and Answers.

Because of the writers origin, some chapters focus on weather phenomenon occurring in central Europe. This can be seen as a goody and is of special interest to pilots flying in this part of the world. Meteorology has never been easier to learn and understand!

Aviation Meteorology conforms to the JAR directives and is available in english and in german language. Unfortunately the book is not widely available and can only be ordered at selected stores and online shops.


The book contains 263 pages.
Size: A4 (210x297mm), weight 1330g. €39.00 (excl. shipping)

Pricing and shipping details can be found on this website: