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CV CategoryPilotTotal FlighttimeObjective / Preferred Home BaseLicences and Ratings
Public CVResumes Europe
1293 hoursEuropeAirbus 320 Seaplane
Public CVResumes Africa & Middle EastFeatured CV
Stuart Beatty
3500AnyFAA ATPL B737CL/NG Zambian ATPL B737-3-4-5, JS3200, C400's
Public CVResumes Europe
Marcopaolo Ramella
250AnywhereSE Rating ME/IR
Public CVResumes Europe
Damien Vadon
4460EuropeFrozen ATPL SEP, MEP, BE90, BE1900, PC12, P180II, OV10B,... [more]
Public CVResumes Africa & Middle East
Riadh, Bensmail
Public CVResumes North America
James Brewer
15200WorldwideUK/JAR ATPL: B-744 Canada ATPL: B-744, B-737, B-727,... [more]
Public CVResumes Europe
Nicholas Bordes
660N.America,S.America, Europe, Asia, AfricaJAA fATPL, Canadian CPL
Public CVResumes Europe
Vando, Guerreiro
850 hoursATPL frozen MEP IR SEP Banner towing Parachute... [more]
Public CVResumes Asia, OZ & NZ
Davinderjit Singh Oberoi
1800India & world wideCPL AIRCRAFT FLOWN: SKA350 AND B1900D
Public CVResumes Europe
4487AnywhereFAA ATPL Type 737 & DA-900
Public CVResumes Europe
Arthur De Groot
1100anywhere where FAA licenses are acceptedPrivate-,Commercial-,Multi-Engine,CFi license, Instrument... [more]
Public CVResumes Asia, OZ & NZ
Farhat Emetov
8628 hours farhat.68@gmail.comTurkmenistan ATPL, Boeing 737 CL/NG
Public CVResumes Europe
Denis Verbenko
2300Europe, RussiaJAA ATPL(A) Learjet 60
Public CVResumes EuropeFeatured CV
Johnny Alexander Bekken
270EuropeJAA (f)ATPL - CPL MEIR - MCC - JOC English level 6
Public CVResumes Europe
Haug Rafael Wingate
1400worldwideJAA Frozen ATPL Pilatus PC12 MEP SEP Glider
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