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Forum Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines and terms before using our forum:

The flightwork.com forum is a place for aviation professionals, experienced and unexperienced. When posting to a conference please do as you were face to face with the other member. Treat other members as you would wish to be treated. Keep your postings limited to the questions asked.

Copyright - Please observe copyrights when posting answers. Postings should only contain non-copyright material, otherwise the consent of the owner of such material has to be obtained. You start violating copyright laws when hurting the potential income of the copyright holder. If you are not sure whether or not you are in conflict with copyright law, do not copy the content but post a link to it.

SPAM and Advertisement
- Do not abuse the forum to place your advertisements. It will be considered as SPAM and could result in the loss of your flightwork.com membership.

Behaviour - Personal attacks are considered inappropriate and will not be tolerated. You may challenge comments other members have made, but do so respectfully.

Explicit, obscene or vulgar language, behaviour or pictures and graphics are not tolerated on flightwork.com. Such files, discussions or posts will be immediately deleted. Posting such content leads directly to the loss of membership.

Privacy - Be aware that the forum is public and anyone can see someones phone number or personal details. Therefore we encorage you not to post it to the forum. Posts which request personal information to be given out to another party will be deleted without prior notice.

New Users -  should be welcomed. Help them to find their way around in the forum and how they can get envolved in the community.

Ethic - Unethical behaviour such as using PM (Private Messaging) for advertising, spamming, sharing licences and other illegal activities are not tolerated and will lead to the loss of membership.

Cross-Posting - Please make sure you do not cross-post the same discussion in the forum more than once.

Monitoring - A discussion forum is a real-time sofware application and therefore postings can not continously be monitored by flightwork.com. Flightwork.com is not responsible for any messages posted. Postings express the view of the author and not flightwork.com. If you discover any behaviour not complying with our forum rules, please get in touch with us. We will do our best to eliminate any content which is not in line with the rules of the forum in the shortest timeframe possible.

Flightwork.com reserves the right to reveal your identity in the event of legal action arising from any content submitted by you to the forum.

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