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What is the best way to avoid taxiway takeoffs?

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Written on: 16. 12. 2010 [09:39]
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registered since: 21.06.2010
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In summary:
"The pilots of AFL212 had requested a departure from the intersection A3 on runway 01L and were taxiing south along the parallel taxiway N. Taxiway M, from where the aircraft eventually took off, runs parallel in-between runway 01L and taxiway N.

As there were no other aircraft or vehicle traffic in the airport's western runway system at the time, air traffic control (ATC) issued the takeoff clearance well in advance while the passenger jet was still on taxiway N. The pilots later turned right onto the intersection but, instead of taxiing ahead towards the A3 holding point at runway 01L, continued turning right for a 180-degree turn onto taxiway M, from where they took off.

Accustomed to being instructed by Russian ATC to line up and wait on the departure runway, the captain assumed the takeoff clearance had been given on the taxiway closest to runway 01L and thus mistook taxiway M for the runway.
[Major contributing factor:] the co-pilot focusing on outstanding pre-takeoff checks and not looking to the outside of the aircraft. However, the mistake was not even picked up by a check captain who was also on the flight deck. The Accident Investigation Board Norway has recommended that Aeroflot establish a runway verification practice into its standard operating procedures (SOP)."

Aeroflot takes off from Oslo taxiway

It can happen to anyone. Any best practices to share to avoid this?
Written on: 18. 12. 2010 [22:04]
registered since: 26.12.2006
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Following SOPs (in case they are introduced) will minimize the risk of such events. Longer briefings like e.g. a take-off briefing should be made when parked on stand. Anything that distracts the flight crew should be avoided.

The following are best industry practices:

- The F/O should assist the CMD in the best way possible during taxi. This means directing him/her where to go, and not showing where to taxi on your own ground chart - this distracts the Left Seat Pilot unnecessarily as he is supposed to look out. Unless he/she stops the aircraft.
- Takeoff Briefings should be done on stand and not during taxi
- Announcements to PAX should be avoided during taxi.

Feel free to add you own points. It surprises me how often pilots do announcements while they are taxiing. In many airlines this is allowed and common. Other are not allowing it, unless you are waiting for a longer time at the holding position. After using doing both, I must say that it is a good and safe procedure not to do it. And it's easy to accomplish.

flightwork.com - what pilots need
Written on: 08. 12. 2013 [14:48]
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The following information provides an awareness of problems that might be avoided in the future. The information is based on final reports by official investigative authorities on aircraft accidents and incidents.

Taxiway Takeoff: http://flightsafety.org/aerosafety-world-magazine/march-2012/taxiway-takeoff




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