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I need some career advice

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Written on: 17. 04. 2012 [23:45]
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registered since: 17.04.2012
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Hello everyone. I'm new to this website and I wanted some career advice. I just graduated from a university in the UK with a bachelor's in Computer Science and have a job in IT but I want to switch over careers and become an airline pilot. I've looked at the flight training schools and plan to start this year part time. My problem is that I am on a work visa for my current job and I want to get hired as a pilot here in the UK. Does anybody have any information about foreign pilots getting hired in the UK?

Written on: 20. 04. 2012 [17:05]
registered since: 26.12.2006
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Hi and welcome to the forums!

How good the chance is to be hired as a foreigner really depends on the demand.
There were times when companies would hire pilots even without European JAR licences to fly their aircraft. At the moment it is more the opposite, pilots have to bring all necessary qualifications to get the job.

Generally we can say that:

a) you must hold a work permit for the UK...AND
b) you are type rated on the aircraft the job is advertised for
c) you are a lucky bastard and get the job in some other way (rare) icon_biggrin.gif

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Written on: 21. 04. 2012 [00:02]
Board Cadet Pilot
registered since: 28.11.2011
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Hello ... and as said Welcome,

Not a chance ... sorry to bring it so hard, but this is just plain truth.
In Europe and this includes UK You will NOT be hired unless you are ELIGIBLE.
What does that means? Pretty easy ... You need to be the holder of a European passport.
Then again, once that requirement is met, here comes all the very important ones you will need to meet, License(s) (JAA) and Type Rating + some great deal of hours on the plane ....

THIS is to say you will not fly in UK .. but you can fly elsewhere...
I flew in Thailand, then in Namibia, then in Tanzania, then in Cameroon, and now about to go .... eh eh eh I'll keep this one just for me LOL

That Being said, I wish you the best of luck and not only for the job but for all the testing and study soon to come .... icon_wink.gif

Capt. TomCat

Amateurs train until they get it right; professionals train until they can't get it wrong



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