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Professional presentations used for CPL & ATPL Training make studying more fun no matter how complex the subject is! Presentations are animated and can be shown in full-screen mode, so that they can also be used in the classrooms together with projectors etc.

Training Videos

Watch pilot training videos online! Sit back and relax while viewing our training videos. We have currently more than 60 training videos online covering all aspects of aviation such as Human Factors, Navigation, Air Traffic Control, Aircraft Systems and Flight Operations.

ATPL Question Bank

Learn efficiently for your ATPL Exam with our ATPL Question Bank. Thousands of questions help you to get prepared in the best way possible. Plus, we have qualified Ground and Flight Instructors which will help you with any of the questions if needed.

Pilot Interview

This section helps you to prepare for your pilot interview. It contains tips on how to create an impressive Pilot CV, loads of technical and non-technical questions used during pilot interviews as well as hints and tips how to successfully pass a simulator assessment.