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Where to start

Preparation for an airline interview takes time. Before applying to a potential employer a good research about the position you apply for is essential. Once you have sent your CV to the airline, it is time to prepare for the (hopefully) upcoming interview. Selection procedures vary greatly from company to company and with it also the preparation required. In most cases it will include a personal interview and a flight in a simulator.

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There are a great number of books on the market to help you getting prepared. It is highly recommended to study these books in detail before you  go to an interview.

Airline Technical Question Database

In order to prepare for a technical interview you will have to refresh your knowledge on subjects such as Aerodynmics, Weather and Navigation. Your old ATPL course book is a good source of information, but you won't find in there the questions interviewers usually ask and it takes a lot of time to find answers in ATPL course material.


To make preparation more time-efficient and easier, we have set up a technical question and answer database. The question bank contains more than 500 questions and answers asked by recruiters during airline interviews. All questions have been collected over the years and were released by fellow pilots who have attended airline pilot interviews. The database is an attempt to make this knowledge available to as many pilots as possible, making the interview preparation easier and raising at the same time the pilots technical knowledge. Because answers have been written and researched by many different pilots, there is no guarantee for their correctness. If you find any errors (typo or technical), please discuss or report them in the Tech Talk section our Pilot Forum.