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Situational Questions

  • A flight attendant tells you that there is a fluid leaking out of an engine panel. What are your actions?

  • You are taxiing for take-off. Its raining. Your captain wants to use dry runwway tables for take-off. What do you do if he cannot be convinced to use wet tables?

  • Under what circumstances would you take control of the aircraft from a captain?

  • You forgot to check the NOTAMS before your flight. Doors are closed and everybody is ready for push-back from the gate. Your F/O did not speak up to make you aware of it. What do you do?

  • You arrive at your destination as number 6 and after holding for 45 minutes due to heavy snowfall and runway snow clearing, most of your fuel reserves are gone. You decide to proceeed to your alternate. Your first alternate is closed because its ramp is full. Your second alternate is experiencing heavy inbound traffic. You have to expect holding for 30 minutes or declaring a fuel emergency. Alternate 3 and 4 are closing due to poor weather.
    Alternate 5 is open but you have no charts for it. What is your decision?

  • You are holding at 10'000ft and you are in freezing rain. What do you do?

  • Your captain is flying the approach. He is 5 knots slow. He is ten knots slow. Your reaction?