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Preparing for your Simulator Assessment

I am often asked whether the money invested in a simulator assessment preparation package is well spent and you might have thought the same in preparation for an upcoming simulator assessment. Its not something that can be answered with a simple Yes or No.

Here a few points you should consider:
Every applicant has a different character and some cope with the stress of a simulator assessment easier than others. New equipment can be a huge stressor for some and your performance may suffer from that considerably. What type are you? Have you had a simulator assessment previously with another airline? How well did it go?

Training sessions are conducted in different ways and the training equipment might not match the simulator you are planned in for the assessment. If you know the type of the simulator used for the assessment, try to find a training provider with the same equipment. This way you benefit the most during the training.

Try to find out as much as possible about the simulator assessment detail. What exactly is is beeing assessed? If you have never flown the aircraft type before, this will be generally considered by the assessor. Important is how well you can cope with the new situation and how well you progress during the assessment.

Preparing well for a forthcoming airline interview and simulator assessment can put you ahead of your fellow candidates. Booking a training session with a training provider is part of that preparation. To ease the stress factor of piloting equipment you have never flown before, a 1-2 hour session is usually enough.
Refresh your knowledge on basic IFR procedures, workflow, scanning etc. at home. Such exercises can be trained at much lower costs with computer software or self-stufy at home.

Make sure the price quote includes all charges such as simulator use, instructor, briefings and VAT. Teaming up with another applicant can help to reduce the costs. Ask the training provider if they know of applicants looking for a partner.

Once you completed the session, let the community know how it went. Did the quality of the training your expectations?

Please note that the following information is not verified and is subject to change.
For accurate information, please contact the training provider.

Training Providers Ireland


Location: Shannon, Ireland

B737-800 NG Fixed Base simulator

Jet Handling & Orientation, Practice Sessions
Airline Simulator Assessment Preparation
Pre Type Rating  -  Aircraft Engines & Systems Familiarisation
Revalidation Preparation , MRO Sim Training Facilities

4hr Airline Simulator Assessment Preparation  
45 min briefing, 4 hrs simulator, 45 min de briefing, €800
Including Instructor

2 hr Airline Simulator Assessment Preparation   
30 min briefing, 2 hrs simulator, €450
Including Instructor

(Bring a flying partner to equally share time and costs 2hrs PF & 2hrs PM)

http://www.shannonflightsimcentre.com Phone: 353 (0)61 363687

Training Providers UK

Virtual Aviation

Location: London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Palma de Mallorca

Simulators London: A320/330/340, B737-300/400/NG, B747-400, 757, 767, 777
Simulators Manchester: A320, B757/767
Simulators Palma de Mallorca: B737NG

Session Length: 30 min. briefing followed by 2-, 3- or 4-hour full flight simulator session.

Cost: 2 hour session including instructor £931.06 (excl. VAT)

Booking/Payment: Online, accepts major credit cards

Access: Min. 18 years of age, must bring passport

http://www.virtualaviation.co.uk Phone: 0870 350 0747


Location: Bournemouth Intl. Airport

Simulators: 727, 737-200, 747, MCC training on L10-11 Tristar or B737, JOC training in B727

Session Length: 1 1/2 hour session in B737-200, B727 or B747

Cost Motion on: B737-200 £270.00, B727 £255.00, B747 £270.00
Cost Motion off: B737-200 £388.00, B727 £255.00, B747 £388.00

Instructor included? No information yet

Booking/Payment: no information yet

Access: no information yet

http://www.fly-pft.co.uk Phone: + 44 (0) 1202 594105 or + 44 (0) 7799 887274

Virtual Flight Centre

Location: 25 minutes from London-Gatwick Airport

Simulators: B737-800

Session Length (typical) : 30 min. briefing followed a 3-hour fixed base flight simulator session, 30 min. debriefing.

Cost: £590 inc instructor and VAT

Instructor included? Yes

How to book and pay? Over the phone, Credit Card or cheque prior to the assessment date

Access: No Restrictions

www.virtualflight.co.uk Phone: 08456 800 737

or visit www.flightdecktechnology.com



Location: Gatwick, Farnborough and Bournemouth

Simulators: Saab 340, Beech 1900, B737-200/300/NG, B747-100/200/300/400

Session Length: 45 mins brief, minimum 2 hours in simulator, 30 minute de-brief

Costs: no VAT, as per website

Instructor included? Yes, nothing extra to pay

How to book and pay? Website, Online

Access: No minimum but photo ID required

http://www.simcheck.org Phone: +44 (0)20 337 19890 or +44 (0)20 337 17404

Real Simulation

Location: North Yorkshire and Bournemouth

Simulators N Yorks: B737-200, F4 Phantom
Simulators Bournemouth: B737-200, B747-200, Sikorsky S61

Session Length: 60 min. briefing followed by ...no information yet

Cost: no information yet

Booking/Payment: E-Mail, Phone, Snail Mail, Phone,  no payment information yet

Access: Min. 12 years of age,

www.realsimulation.co.uk Phone: 08456 800 550


Location: London Gatwick

Simulators: B737-300

Session Length: 2,3 and 4 hours sim time + briefing

Costs: 2 hours = £1050, 3 hours = £1590, 4 hours = £1890 inc VAT

Instructor included in costs?: Yes

How to book and pay? Contact SkyBlueAviation by telephone or e-mail

Access: Anyone

http://www.skyblueaviation.co.uk Phone: +44 (0)1392 446 493

Airline Training Partnership

Location: Amsterdam Schipol Airport

Simulators: 3x A320 level D full flight SIM

Session Length: 4 hour sessions, 1.5 hour brief and then 1 hour de-brief

Costs: £1950+VAT

Instructor included in costs?: Yes

How to book and pay? Through our Gatwick office +44 1293 459816 or typerating(at)gmail.com

Access: 14 year old upwards+ passport etc

Contact information: +44 1293 459 816 typerating(at)gmail.com or 320training(at)gmail.com

We specialize in A320 type ratings and then offer line training with easyJet and Wizz Air among others.




Training Providers Germany

EVS Flighttraining

Location: 35 minutes from Berlin in 14979 Grossbeeren

Simulators: B737-700 (fixed base)

Session Length: Variable, includes a briefing and debriefing

Cost: €249.00

Booking/Payment: Via online webform, e-mail, phone, no payment information yet

Access: no information yet

http://www.evs-flighttraining.de Phone: +49 (0)33701 48 98 69

TFC GmbH Käufer

Location: Essen

Simulators: B737, A320

Session Length: no information yet

Cost: no information yet

Booking/Payment: Phone, E-Mail

Access: no information yet

http://www.tfc-kaeufer.de Phone: +49 (0)201 84 84 02


Location: 84034 Landshut Ellermühle

Simulators: FTD Boeing 737NG FNPT II MCC

Session Length: individual, no information yet

Cost: no information yet

Booking/Payment: Phone, E-Mail

Access: no information yet

http://www.flugausbildung.de Phone: +49 (0)8765-1342

RWL German Flight Academy GmbH

Location: 41066 Mönchengladbach

Simulators: B737-300/400, B737-800 (full motion), Beech Super King Air 200 (fixed base)

Session Length: individual, no information yet

Cost: no information yet

Booking/Payment: Phone, E-Mail

Access: no information yet

http://www.rwl-flight.de Phone: +49 2161 68900

Flugschule MFA

Location: Munich

Simulators: MEP / Elite FNPT II with GNS430

Session Length: ca. 2 h + briefings

Cost (incl. VAT and Instructor): 129,23 Euro

Booking/Payment: call Office: +49 89 / 642 707 61 MFA OPS +49 821 / 747 24 60

Access: ./.

Contact information: Iris Rest +49 821 / 747 24 60



Location: Berlin-Schönefeld

Simulators: no information yet

Session Length: individual, no information yet

Cost: no information yet

Booking/Payment: Webform, Phone, E-Mail

Access: no information yet

http://www.cockpit4u.com Phone: +49 (0)30 326 639 93