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Pilot jobs and what you should know about them

So you want to become a professional pilot? Before taking the plunge, it is essential to do your homework so you know what you are getting into. The listed advantages and disadvantages of being a professional pilot is just a start and might give you some food for thought....


The good


You will be relatively independent and pretty much your own boss

You will get around and see different places

You will mostly have highly skilled people around you

Pilot jobs are generally paid well, although not as high as they used to be

Boeing forecasts a pilot shortage for the next twenty years

You don't have to think what to wear every day

You get to know people from other cultures

At the end of the day, your mind is free

Look at the world from above as much as you want and discover the beauty of it


The bad


You will work at any time of the day/night

You won't be able to drink or eat whenever you please, but when the schedule permits

A good health is essential and loss of licence a permanent threat

Employment opportunities are limited and change of employer means often relocation

Pilot jobs and family life is something that does not match very well. Some manage though...

You will have to prove every 6 months your proficiency

Food on board is in most cases not of very high quality

Little to no exercise during work

The risk of getting bored with the job is quite high and often a reason why people leave pilot jobs

To be a pilot is not enough, piloting skills alone will not get you another job on the ground

Would you agree/disagree?